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Learn in this free training how to design the digital strategy of your organization.

Online training courses from Jansen Business Academy

All online training courses consist of an online lecture, supplemented with personal guidance. During the online lecture you will get the theory and tools that are needed in organizations that are changing due to digitization. The application of this in the own organization is done with personal guidance by an experienced coach.

This training is for anyone responsible for creating or executing the company’s digitization agenda. Especially for professionals who make a digital strategy for their organization. After the training, the participant has a clear answer to:

  1. what should be included in the digital strategy of transforming organizations, and
  2. how concrete content can be given there in the application of the own organization.

Professionals who have followed this and other training courses from Jansen Business Academy work for different types of organizations and are diverse in their functions:

  • SMEs: MT members / Owners
  • Corporate: Business Development, R&D, Management
  • Government: Managers, Support departments, IT, CJP, Organization, OPF, Data analysis
  • Healthcare institutions: Managers in facility departments, IT & communication
  • Financial sector: Managers Data / Automation and Business Development.
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